Engineering, Procurement & Construction

Electrical & Instrumentation

Structural Works

Temporary Construction Facilities


– Technical and Commercial Documentation
– Site Survey and Project Schedule
– Engineering Drawing Approval
– Construction and Procurement
– Training and Commissioning


– Vendor Development & Qualification
– Cost Estimation & Purchase
– Supplier Capability Assessment
– Quality Inspection & Expediting

Electrical & Instrumentation

Belmark carries out electrical instrumentation works through a wholly owned subsidiary specializing in electrical & instrumentation controls and systems integration.
With its extensive experience in providing E&I systems to the oil & gas industry, Belmark brings a unique blend of skills in all facets of electrical and instrumentation works, PLC, DCS, ESD, F&G, SCADA systems, integration, procurement, systems configuration and commissioning.

Belmark is able to provide the following services:

• Engineering and Design of E&I systems
• Supply & Installation of Electrical & Instrument Cables, Cable Trays etc
• Lighting Design & Calculations
• Supply and Installation of E&I Equipment, Cables, Instruments & Fittings
• Instrument Installation & Hook-Up
• Heat Tracing Calculations
• Factory Acceptance Testing & Inspections
• Upgrade and Modifications to E&I systems
• Calibration Services of Instruments (mobile field testing facilities)
• Equipment Sizing
• Feasibility Studies
• Procurement of Equipment and Systems
• Mechanical Completions, Pre-commissioning & Commissioning.

Structural Works

Belmark carries out all types of structural works, such as removing load bearing walls, making extensions and loft conversions. We carry out projects that involve structural works by following one of the two procedures below:

• Belmark can provide a full design and build service, from drawing the initial plans with the help of experienced architects and structural engineers and then carrying out the build stage from this point.

• We often find that the client already has the plans drawn up. Belmark will then take over the project for the build stage.

Our strong network of architects, structural engineers, quantity surveyors and trade specialists enable us to deliver a seamless construction service.

We ensure full project and site management for every project we handle. We employ a truly structured approach to domestic building works with the right management in place, ensuring everything runs smoothly.

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