Heavy Equipment Leasing

Heavy Equipment

We offer flexible and customized solutions to help you build your business and make your goals a reality. We offer experience, convenience, and a full line of products and services. Our success is in the timely supply and quality in services.

Why Lease?

• Allows your fleet to remain flexible and responsive to changes in technology and fuel economy.
• Fluctuations in used equipment values are less of a concern

Benefits of Lease:

• Long Term Solution
• Outsource Residual Value Risk
• Maintain Cash
• Simplicity & Flexibility in operations.
• Maximize customer satisfaction.
• We strive to enhance our customers success through our preferred services.

Equipment Details

In addition to the fleet of vehicles and equipment owned and maintained for movement of men and materials for our construction projects, we offer swift logistic support to the defense and military sector as well as the oil and gas sector.


We provide for hire heavy cranes, which are capable of handling loads weighing up to 100 ton. The equipment is well maintained and the hydraulic arms have good control over heavy loads.

Fork Lifts

We have powerful forklifts capable of handling heavy weights on a construction site. These nimble yet sturdy machines are capable of handling heavy loads, and can maneuver in tight spaces quite comfortably.

Motor Graders

This heavy machinery equipment is capable of levelling large areas of land easily, doing optimal groundwork to lay roads/ pathways. The Graders at our disposal belong to some of the best models in the market today, and offer precision control.


The excavators have large buckets and their strong hydraulic arms are capable of handling large amounts of weight. The strong arm and bucket mechanism makes it easy to dig through hard ground.


The backhole loaders in our inventory belong to popular global brands such as CAT and JCB. These sturdy machines are capable of digging and carrying heavy loads with ease.


Bulldozers are the prime equipment in any earthmoving and heavy construction projects. We have sturdy bulldozers at our disposal, with well-maintained hydraulics and rugged buckets, which are capable of carrying heavy loads and clearing wide areas of hard ground with ease.

Wheel Loaders

The front buckets of the wheel loaders are capable of carrying equipment/ freight and
are also strong enough to do light digging. The hydraulic arms offer good support when carrying and digging.

Flat Bed Trailers

A flatbed truck is a type of truck which is either articulated or rigid. Our Flatbed Trailers have entirely flat, level bed body with no sides or roof.
This allows for quick and easy loading of goods,and consequently they are used to transport heavy loads that are not delicate or vulnerable to precipitation, such as construction equipment,and also for abnormal loads that require more
space than available on a closed body.

Water Tankers

A safe and stable water source is an absolute necessity on any construction or mining site. We have a fleet of water trucks at your disposal that can provide your project with the clean water you need.

Suction & Vaccum Tanker Services

Our advanced vacuum tankers are equipped to remove liquid waste in the order of 4000 US gallons. The tankers are specially designed to remove and dispose a variety of sludge waste. Our personnel are well trained in the mechanisms of
effective liquid waste removal.

The machine is easy to handle and maneuver, and is designed to provide the user a greater control over the machine. The vacuum mechanisms are built to meet environmental and safety standards followed by the international community.

Low-Bed Trailers

A low-bed trailer is a semi-trailer with two drops in deck height: one right after the gooseneck and one right before the wheels. This allows the deck to be extremely low compared with other trailers.

It can legally carry loads up to 12 ft (3.66 m) height, which other trailers cannot. Lowboys are used to haul heavy equipment such as bulldozers
and industrial equipment.

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