Logistics & Transportation

Our experienced, qualified and trained personnel will be able to provide total logistics and distribution services to our clients all over the GCC countries. We offer complete, customized transportation management services to customers.

Belmark Transport will play a pivotal role in the continuation and stability of your business and maintain its aggressive growth by managing all major support centers of your premium clients. We will help position your business ahead of its competitors through Belmark Transport’s satellite tracking, as well as on- time delivery and service daily temperature management in trailers will be done to ensure premium quality service.

Logistics & Transportation

We are a one-stop logistics service Centre capable of providing a wide range of quality services. These include:


Freight Forwarding

• We aim to maximize Customer satisfaction.
• We practise a hands- on approach to our customers’ assigned tasks.
• We focus on our customers’ logistics’ needs.
• We strive to enhance customers’ success through our services.
• We seek steady growth, by improving our ability to respond to our customers’ needs through innovative and reliable logistics services.
• We enhance the productivity and teamwork of our employees in order to build an energetic corporate culture.

Whether you are global or local, asset or non-asset based, move shipments by air, ocean, ground or any combination in between, the challenge for transportation and logistics service providers is to offer differentiated services at a competitive price.

This is easier said than done, as you have to manage shipments, resources and documents that are concurrently in motion with business processes that extend to the edge of your enterprise and well into your trading partners’ and customers’ operations.

Belmark has a portfolio of supply chain software and domain expertise unique to the transportation and logistics services markets. The breadth and depth of capabilities we can provide you through our Logistics Technology Platform are unparalleled in the market. These include:
• contract management;
• purchased transportation management;
• regulatory compliance;
• route planning, delivery scheduling and fleet management;
• forwarder and broker solutions;
• trading partner connectivity;

Our track record in innovation, such as being the first multi model transportation messaging network and offering the first integrated customs and logistics solutions, help our customers to compete at the highest levels. Our cloud-based solutions and “pay as you use” pricing help you to maintain the margins you need to thrive.

Our Promise to You

• Innovative, forward -thinking IT solutions, where satellite tracking is at the forefront of business for client benefit.

• Monitor temperatures to Hazard Analaysis & Critical Control Point (HACCP) requirements.

• Pallet control

• Significantly reduce the effort and workload required by your business to manage products once they are dispatched from distribution centres.

• To build a working relationship that creates trust, goodwill and respect through a common desire to continuously improve business.

• To consistently inspire a culture of technical excellence and innovation, by encouraging staff to make suggestions, decisions and to take action.

• A hands-on approach that not only delivers tangible benefits, but also offers on-going support for the solutions introduced.

• The design, implementation and maintenance of new ways of working that will support new situations, changes and challenges.

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