Waste Management

Belmark provides a broad spectrum of waste management solutions for municipalities, industrial, commercial and retail customers as well as domestic households and small trade businesses. A large fleet of trucks, highly modern collection and container system, its own recycling and treatment plants along with competent and individual consulting services make the company the first point of contact for all waste management needs in the country.

Waste Management Technology Advice

Appropriate technology choice and selection is fundamental to successful infrastructure development and will determine the nature, type, scale and viability of differing waste management treatment and recovery solutions.

• Waste collection systems– including bins, boxes, vehicles as well as automated underground collection, diversion and storage systems.

Technical Services Offered

• Waste management strategy and plan development
• Waste treatment technology and disposal advice
• Regulatory approvals for all facility types (planning, permitting and EIA)
• Design, build and contract
• Waste logistics and routing

Our team represents a wealth of knowledge in the following areas:

• Design and Development of Infra-structure for Solid Waste Management.

• Design, development, operation and maintenance of tailor made Integrated Solid Waste Management Projects from Primary Collection to Disposal/Final Treatment.

• Municipal solid, liquid, organic and hazardous waste management and treatment.

• Industrial solid, liquid, organic and hazardous waste management and treatment.

• Construction & Demolition (C&D) Waste Recycling and Reuse.

• Contaminated Land/ Site remediation & land recovery.

• Solid & Liquid Waste Reduction and Minimization.

• Promoting environmental awareness.

• Environmental Compliance Reporting as per national legislations of each country where services are provided.

• Use of Environment Friendly Technologies for waste disposal and treatment.

• Avoid wherever possible construction of Solid Waste Landfill Sites as we feel the land should be utilized for housing people rather than garbage.

• Avoid wherever possible Thermal Processes to treat the waste – we do not wish to create another type of pollution (air pollution).

• To create a Formal Downstream Industry for Solid Waste.

• Waste to Energy using environment friendly technologies.

Individual solutions for all waste management problems

We offer our industrial, commercial and residential customers a complete range of waste disposal services. The company has a complex yet efficient approach to waste management by providing municipal services, carrying out our own research and development, application of the latest technology, investment activities etc.

Consulting, collecting, transporting, sorting, treating, land filling along with the running of municipal disposal facilities and a wide variety of collection containers are activities that are executed with the greatest care.

Belmark manages all kinds of waste – from small quantities to major projects, from hazardous waste to household-proximate packaging – while being an efficient national and international partner in regard to all types of waste management problems.

Our service for Industry

Industrial Waste Management includes waste collection, transport, sorting, disposal and other waste utilization. We offer to our customers leasing of convenient types of containers as well as legal and consulting services. For industrial enterprises we supply CWM (Complex Waste Management). The fundamental CWM aim is provision of complex services in the area of waste management for organizations including all technical aspects, legal matters and in most cases any required personnel.

Service Overview

• Collection and transport with special vehicles
• Sorting and processing of waste
• Disposal of hazardous waste
• Leasing of convenient types of containers
• Preparing and realization of CWM projects
• Full personnel services
• Cleaning services
• Environmental services and support

We strictly focus on disposing waste sustainably while minimizing environmental impact. Deploying patented technologies, we optimize remediation processes of contaminated sites.

In cooperation with governments, local authorities and business customers, we develop sustainable waste management concepts and offer consulting services for environmental impact assessments. In addition, we further environmental consciousness in schools and companies by initiating recycling competitions and training programs.

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